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Before you study

Wondering how to get into higher education? Using your ATAR/OP score isn’t the only way, you may be able to use your VET qualification or be recognised for previous study or work. 

Check out the Beyond School Study Guide to help you make important decisions about your future studies. If you are unsure what to study, take the Career Quiz.

It's also handy to compare courses and providers before enrolling. For example, you might only have access to complete the course online, so course delivery may be something you want to compare.

If you want to access HELP while you study, you should first make sure your provider offers Commonwealth assistance. If accessing a HELP loan is not an option, there may be a scholarship available to you.

Are you a new student in 2021? You'll need a USI

From 1 January 2021, new higher education students will need a Unique Student Identifier (USI) in order to be eligible for Commonwealth assistance (Commonwealth supported place (CSP) and/or HELP loan). It will be a mandatory field on the electronic Commonwealth assistance form (eCAF) for new students.

How do I get a USI?

You can apply for a USI at any time at www.usi.gov.au/your-usi/create-usi. You will need at least one form of valid identification and about five minutes to create one.

If you have previously completed any VET or TAFE study, you may already have a USI. It can be easily retrieved at www.usi.gov.au/faqs/find-your-usi.

When do I get a USI?

You may be asked to provide your USI at enrolment, so we recommend applying for one, or retrieving your existing one, as soon as possible.

You can get a USI at any time at www.usi.gov.au.